Monday, February 2, 2009

Predictions: Apple Commercial Music

Hannah Georgas is a quirky Canadian indie/pop songwriter whose debut EP The Beat Stuff was just released nationwide January 27th. Her songs are the infectious sort, with toe-tapping hooks, lyrics that perfectly dance with the folksy strums of the guitar ("Let's talk about Lo-ah-ah-ah-ve, let's laugh about li-ah-ah-ah-fe") and topped with the delicate yet prominent female songwriter voice thats not afraid to go crazy. The EP is phenomenal, but the first time I heard Hannah, it was just the song "All I Need" that drew me in. The song starts out with the simple gentle plucks of the ukulele, gradually met with the glockenspiel and a few low chords from the piano. Things start going from there, as the drums come pulsing into the song after 3 minutes to start the cascading whirlwind of indie pop punch that honestly I just can't get enough of. Although "The Beat Stuff" is an equal contender, I immediately thought this song would make for the perfect Apple commercial, and so here we are today.

But then there was moment in time when I was feeling extremely dorky and decided that it was not enough to envision such a commercial, I needed to actually create it for your viewing pleasure. So enjoy the mock-up below. By the way, I recently got a call from Hannah's manager, and it looks like a few steps have already been taken to try to get this to become a reality. Nothing definite yet, but who knows, this could actually be coming to a television near you.

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