Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guilt By Association, Vol. 2 Celebration

Hello from sunny Florida! Even though we're experiencing a "cold front" here, it's still in the 60s... Jealous? You know you are... But don't worry, I'm bringing the warm weather back to NY with me on Friday. Anyway, on to the music!

On Saturday night, I had the privilege to see Takka Takka, Jukebox the Ghost and Robbers on High Street play at Williamsburg Music Hall to celebrate the release of Guilt By Association, volume 2, the second installment in a series of albums of pop classics covered by current hot indie bands (remember that great Petra Haden cover of Don't Stop Believin'? That was from the first installment).

Brooklyn band Takka Takka was up second (after Lowry, whom I didn't make it in time to see). They started off strong, with high energy dance pop numbers and did a good job of getting the crowd pumped. Lead singer Gabe Levine is a pretty charismatic front man, but I have to say I wish the rest of the band looked like they were having more fun most of the time. I guess it's that whole hipster disinterested thing that they're going for.

Next up was one of my favorite bands, Jukebox the Ghost. They put on a fun show and they had a crazy huge fan base in the audience who was singing along to every song (myself included). I was really excited to see so many people show up for them. They're really talented, and I love their playful music (and their playful performance style too). Their song also happens to be my favorite on the GBA2 album - a cover of Ace of Bases' A Beautiful Life. Supposedly they were originally going to do Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, but they decided that would be too embarrassing and so they switched to Ace of Base instead.

Lastly was Robbers on High Street, who were poppier than I expected them to be. I have to admit, I wasn't all that familiar with their music except for the rather more rock 'n' roll Japanese Girls, which was playing at every dance party I went to about 2 or 3 years ago. They were still fun though and they had a good energy. And hey, I love poppy music. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the whole set because I was sick and had to get up early the next morning. But I think I managed to catch most of it.

As always, an excessive amount of pictures can be found here.

And here are a few mp3s from Guilt By Association, Volume 2 (purchasable on iTunes here):

In the Air Tonight [mp3] - Takka Takka

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