Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zoe Keating

Hey guys, Lise here. I'll be doing my best this week to update as much as possible, but most likely it'll be quick blurbs. Like today's post.

So on New Year's a friend of mine introduced me to Zoe Keating, a wonderous celloist who uses a loop machine during her performances to create a full multi-cello sound. The gorgeous cello tones layer, blend and resonate whilst circling about in a rich sonorous manner. As my friend simply stated, "I can just get lost in this." She's been the opener for one of Em's favs, Amanda Palmer, and this song is from the RadioLab: Quantum Cello podcast which Zoe says doesn't have a name yet but will be on the new record. Enjoy!

Untitled [mp3] from the RadioLab podcast

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