Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paper Heart - The new Michael Cera movie

Last night I got to go to the premiere of Paper Heart, a mockumentary of sorts starring Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera. It's a movie that starts out as a documentary about love (and how Charlyne doesn't believe in it) and then turns into a narrative love story between her and Michael Cera. Charlyne Yi is a stand-up comedian and from the clips they played, I have to say that, besides how awkward she is, I didn't think she was all that funny. But the movie itself was very funny - full of adorably awkward moments and impecable comedic timing. There's a great scene where Michael Cera gets up and leaves a date and they hold on Charlyne Yi waiting for him to come back for an absurdly long time and finally Michael Cera returns through the back door. Also, Jake Johnson plays the director of the film within the film and he was hilarious. And there was some cool puppeteering in the film too, which was random but I think added a lot. I also liked the soundtrack, which was mostly written and performed by Charlyne and Michael (although I will say that it kind of resembled the tone of the music in Juno).

The one thing I don't understand is how Charlyne (or Michael Cera for that matter) are performers because during the Q&A, they were both so shy and awkward and didn't really seem like they wanted to be there - though I admit their awkward (yes, awkward is the key word for anything relating to this film), short answers to questions were kind of hilarious in themselves.

I'm sure that this movie will make it out to theaters after the festival, so go see it.

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Diana S. said...

they're together in real life!