Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maria Taylor

I've been a fan of Maria Taylor's ever since I heard her "Smile and Wave" song being played on the Current (those of you in MN understand what an amazing radio station it is). Looks like the indie-pop songstress is releasing her third album Ladyluck on April 7th, with two songs off the album available now on iTunes. Alongside her acoustic guitar, Maria has mastered the ability in the last couple of years to match the quality of her perfectly pure and confident voice with a lush orchestral or synth background to create a rich and vibrant collection of songs. Couple this with catchy hooks and poignant lyrics, and you got an artist I can listen to on repeat for days on end. I expect nothing less from her upcoming album and greatly look forward to it. Until then, give yourself a little preview and do your best not to get the "it was just like that" hook stuck in your head all day long.

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