Monday, December 8, 2008

International Finds

Kate Miller-Heidke is an Australian singer-songwriter who is well trained in Opera but has now crossed over to pop songs. Her second album, Curiouser, was released in October and has become quite successful with its bumps and flares spouting from each and every which way. Her songs are catchy, quirky and humorously honest- in "Can't Shake it" Kate laments, "I execute the moonwalk like I stepped in shit." In many ways, I think this song was written specially for me.
Can't Shake It - Kate Miller-Heidke [mp3]

Caro is a jazz singer from Amsterdam who incorporates beats, popish hooks, and a carefree-swing to her sound, resulting in music that you can't help but dance to. She's super new to the scene (if the 760 views on myspace are any indication) and has only officially released one single, but it looks like this girl is quite able to bring something wanted, new and fun to the music realm. I hope to hear more from her in the future.

Back It Up - Caro [mp3]

Why are there so many amazing artists named Regina? This Regina hails from Finland and is actually composed of 3 people- Iisa Pajula, Mikko Pykari, and Mikko Rissanen. Regina blends electro-pop, folk, and wonderfully repetitious piano hooks in a delightful way that I just can't seem to get tired of. They debuted in 2005 and are currently working on their third album which will be released in 2009.

Saanko Jäädä Yöksi? - Regina [mp3]

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Thanks for posting international finds! Please make this a regular feature!