Thursday, November 20, 2008

These United States @ The Knitting Factory

Last night I headed over the The Knitting Factory for one last show before I head to Minneapolis for Thanksgiving week. I managed to catch the end of Mean Creek, who I enjoyed for their two last songs but I don't feel I can really write about them based on that. It was fitting that they were playing with These United States, though. They had a very similar style.

These United States were quite good. They made me feel as if I knew what it must be like to live in a small town in the south and go to the same local bar every weekend where my favorite local band (composed of all my friends) plays all the time. It was an intimate performance in a lot of ways. They even opened up the floor for a Q&A at one point. There were also times when I was watching them and thinking "these songs are the perfect soundtrack for a movie taking place in the south." It's amazing that they've perfected the country rock sound so well that it evokes the south for me when they're originally from Washington DC. Overall, I really enjoyed the show and I thought they had a good energy. They owned the stage without being imposing. And their music is really easy to get into - people in the audience were tapping their toes and bopping their heads, if not full out dancing.

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Scott said...

It was an awesome show. Thanks for the pics.