Friday, November 21, 2008

The Paper Raincoat

The Paper Raincoat is a musical adventure about a fictional character named Grace who returns to her childhood home after her father dies and discovers designs for a paper raincoat in his old study. The memories rush back to her - the paper raincoat was one of her father's failed inventions that tore the family apart when Grace was a child, resulting in Grace deciding to never pursue her dreams out of fear that it would result in similar disastrous ways. Now older and wiser, Grace tries to figure out a better way to live her life and pursues her career as a writer, rewriting her own story in a book she calls The Paper Raincoat.

Brooklyn's own Amber Rubarth and Alex Wong are the masterminds behind this colorful collaboration they call Safe in the Sound, Amber providing most vocals and piano skills and Alex using his wizardry with various electronic instruments to create this magical and meaningful EP. Each song has a different stylistic approach ranging from catchy indie-pop to more folk-rock, but the cinematic orchestra foundation glues it all together. The two drew inspiration from their own experiences of moving to NYC and starting anew and really work in little things to make it relatable- in the first song, Sympathetic Vibrations, the character Grace is on a plane ready for departure, with a recording of the flight attendant spiel starting things off.

Their myspace tells us to expect a full length album and many many shows in 2009, but until then, I'd suggest picking up this EP.

Sympathetic Vibrations by The Paper Raincoat [mp3]

Current Shows:
The Bowery Ballroom - TONIGHT- NYC
Dec 11 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
Dec 13 The Palace of Fine Arts, San Fran, CA

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