Thursday, October 2, 2008

Changing of the Seasons

A fitting title for the time of year, as summer fades away and the temperature cools. Also a descriptive title for the tone for this album.

I became familiar with Swedish singer Ane Brun two years ago-ish through Paste Magazine. I loved the simple beauty of her songs (both technically and emotionally) and the ease of her unique, rich voice. Song No. 6 is one of my all time favorite songs and probably one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard. And the tragic, aching, grasping Rubber & Soul made the phrase "it tugged at my heart strings" no longer a silly cliche, but a legitimate way to describe a physical response to music for me.

I have to say her new album, "Changing of the Seasons," wasn't quite what I was expecting and seemed to me a bit of a departure from her last album, "A Temporary Dive." It's a little busier. Her voice is less effortless (and that shaky thing she does with it is more prevalent). And thus far none of the songs have quite the intense emotional impact that the two songs I listed above did on me. That being said, it's still an incredibly strong album. The songs maintain their simple beauty and she has some truly haunting melodies. Each time I listen to it, the album grows on me. And while the impact may not be quite as fierce at first, there is still a great deal of feeling in these songs. It's definitely an album that rewards the repeat listener. And I have to say that I like the way many of the songs on this album are more complex than on her previous album. She experiments with different genres more too, which I always appreciate.

The album comes out here in the US on October 14th and for you New Yorkers out there, Ane is playing at Living Room on October 22nd.

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