Thursday, September 25, 2008


Mirah is one of those artists who showed up on my itunes one day and surprised me with her delightful music. Mirah's full name is Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, her unique middle name coming from the Hebrew "good day" or "holy day." Mirah's music is a wide range of emotions- one song can be extremely moody and harsh, the next delicately sweet. However, there is a sense of lightness to all her tracks. There is also something about her songs that makes me think that she and the Ting Tings would be great pals, but I guess I'll let you decide for yourself. Thanks goes out to Court for reminding me about this distinctive artist.
Pollen [mp3]

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kibberon said...

i think mirah also had this song called la familia (if i'm thinking of the right person) and i remember it being really good. hm.. i think i'll go look for it.

agc said...

oh yeah, la familia was amazing! the whole, "if we sleep together will is make it any better" chorus? brilliant.