Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's Go Sailing

So I was watching SNL last night (side note: does anyone else think that Jason Sudeikis and Ed Helms are actually the same person, or perhaps even the world's first successful human clones?) and they did this rather innane Gossip Girl skit that caused me more pain than I could have ever anticipated. No, it wasn't the boring approach of the skit, no, it wasn't the lame repetitive small-penis joke, and no, it wasn't the fact that they clearly took the easy-out by having the actual actress from Gossip Girl show up to finally complete the small-penis joke by claiming she had one too. It was none of that, surprisingly. It was much, much worse.

This skit song-boggled me. Some bigwig at NBC decided to play a song in the background that I *knew* I knew - I could even remember listening to it religiously last fall on my walks about town- but I couldn't identify it due to the fact that the said bigwig in question totally muted down the vocals so it was just the piano track. Mind you, I'm normally a pro when it comes to those type of games, but last night I may or may not have been drinking wine and it may or may have impaired my natural genius ability, so I became song-boggled! It was TORTURE. I just sat there the entire 2 1/2 minutes trying to sing along in hopes of grasping some sort of word or phrase that would make everything click and put my mind at ease. No one around me could help me name the song, they weren't familiar at all, so I just blabbled out weak musical melodies like a small infant who hasn't quite obtained control of their mouth to produce meaningful sounds until I finally remembered the phrase "All I want from you is love."

BOOM. It was a song by Let's Go Sailing. A quick check of my iTunes confirmed this. I decided then and there to not let this terrible experience get the best of me but instead use it as a learning tool for all. Everyone should know this band. Everyone should know this song. Give them a listen. If I can save someone else from being song-boggled, it'll all be worth it.

Sideways [mp3]

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