Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Secrets Secrets

On Saturday night I attended a "secret" Rogue Wave show at Union Hall (code name: Endless Shovels). Yeah, I'm cool like that. ;-)

First up was Ravens & Chimes, who I absolutely loved. They were down one member - who is in Japan - and down two for the first few songs, as keyboardist Brittany arrived late from a show in Jersey with some other group. But their sound was still quite full despite being only 4 instead of their usual 6 for a bit, and there was something really striking about it. They had very commanding presence. And there is something very unique about their sound and their songs that I just can't put into words. It's kind of retro-pop/rock, but at the same time incredibly dramatic and occasionally dreamy. I positively adore their album, "Reichenbach Falls," and have been listening to it on repeat for the past few days.

Next up was Frances. They were another 6-piece band with a full sound that I completely fell in love with. They fit incredibly well with Ravens & Chimes and props to whoever made that match. Once again, they had a kind of dreamy, dramatic retro-pop quality to them. Their songs were catchy, but dark and beautiful. There are parts of their song Cousin that I swear sound just like a soundtrack to a movie that I can't think of and it's driving me nuts! But it might just be because it has that dark dramatic flare to it.

Rogue Wave was the "secret" headliner. They were quite good, as well. But I think the first two bands kind of stole the show for me because they were new discoveries. But Rogue Wave was fun and poppy and I love their music, so I enjoyed it immensely. They have some really beautiful songs and they were a great finale to the night.

This Is Where We Are [mp3] - Ravens & Chimes - "Reichenbach Falls," (iTunes)
Cousin [mp3] - Frances - "All the While" (due out Fall '08)
Lake Michigan [mp3] - Rogue Wave - "Asleep At Heaven's Gate" (iTunes)

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