Sunday, August 17, 2008

Regina Spektor @ McCarren Park Pool

Friday night I was one of many people who braved the weather to see the fabulous Regina Spektor perform. In a way, though, the weather Gods went easy on us. It only really rained between sets (the rest of the time it just sprinkled), which was nice because that meant people didn't have their umbrellas up during the performances, so we could actually see. And Regina definitely made it worth our while to endure the rain.

First up was Albert Hammond, Jr., who I enjoyed immensely, even not being all that big a fan before Friday. He and his band were pretty much the perfect opener - good energy and poppy upbeat songs to get the audience grooving. There were three guitar players, though Hammond didn't seem to play while he was singing much, which I found interesting. Though he didn't own the stage per se, I think Hammond makes a good front man and he's just geeky enough for me to fall in love with him. And of course, his entire band is made up of attractive men, so that's a bonus.

Regina was of course amazing. Throughout the show she thanked us profusely for sticking around in the rain and when she first came out, she even took her water bottle and poured water over her head. She did a really long set too - over an hour, maybe even closer to an hour and a half. The stage looked beautiful with a bunch of colored lanterns all lit up against the back curtain. As always, she was completely adorable, delightful, engaging and funny. She forgot the lyrics a few times and I have to say the first time was kind of magical because she kept playing the piano and the audience continued the song for her. After that, unfortunately, her uber fans got kind of obnoxious, constantly yelling "I love you Regina!" or variations thereof. Plus they sang along to the whole show really loudly. Yes, we know you love her. That's why you paid $30-some dollars to see her. Please let her sing and be quiet so the rest of us who also love her can hear her, thanks.

I continue to be incredibly impressed by her beautiful voice and song writing. Speaking of the awesome ways she uses her voice - I also love the gross gagging sounds and fun squeaks she throws in here and there for dramatic effect. It's amazing how she sounds just the same as on her recordings live, so you know they aren't editing her voice at all in the studio. It was also fun because she had a small orchestral ensemble backing her up for a couple songs. I had hoped they would back her up for my favorite song of hers (which she did perform this time), Apres Moi. I can't say there was one particular crowd favorite. Every time a song started, the audience was in an uproar - they were so excited! There were at least 10 favorites, maybe more - Summer In The City, Samson, Music Box, Fidelity, Hotel Song, Us, and more.

Despite the rain, it was a great show. Just a little bit of a wet, cold show. And I want Regina Spektor to be my best friend.

Back to the 101 [mp3] - Albert Hammond, Jr. - "Yours To Keep" (iTunes)
Music Box [mp3] - Regina Spektor - "Begin to Hope" (iTunes)

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Anonymous said...

I too love Regina Spektor and have been raving about her so much that I bought tickets for my mom to come with me. I arrived at the event at 5pm, only to wait online for an hour through "will call". Thanks ticket master. Turns out, I could have shown up, bought tickets for 8 dollars cheaper, and no line. But, that wasn't the worst of it. I met some cool people on line and it's a concert, sometimes you have to wait. What really got me was the weather and the lack of safety measures taken by McCarren Pool. It was pouring rain, thundering and lightning before Regina came out and unfortunately, my sweet little mama could not endure. We were drenched, cold and incredibly uncomfortable, as everyone was. We left the show and Murphy's Law has it that as soon as we left, the rain had subsided. I am calling ticket master as we speak to try and get a refund because I think that for the money, that venue was way overpriced and McCarren Pool is not issuing any refunds. I have to say I'm pretty bummed. I wish I would have stayed longer and I hope I can still get my refund.

Anyway, I'm venting. I'm sure she was incredible as she always is but I'm disappointed and sad that I missed her.