Monday, August 25, 2008

Lucy Schwartz

Lucy Schwartz is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose music is going to be highlighted on the soundtrack for my own pre-planned guilty-pleasure-for-fall movie "The Women," starring Eva Mendes, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Meg Ryan, and Annette Bening. Lucy's sound is low-key pop sprinkled with sugar and emotion, and once again, those who enjoy Sara Bareilles or A Fine Frenzy may also take to this one quickly. Lucy's album contains a few jazz-pop numbers as well as one or two standout commercial pop songs, but as this is her debut album, and the girl is only 18, there is much promise for this one and I will certainly be keeping tabs. Every time I listen to the beginning of "I Don't Know a Thing," I think Gilmore Girls (hopefully you'll get what I mean when you listen to it). They would eat this up.

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