Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dylan Gilbert- "The Quiet Life"

Dylan Gilbert is a 20-year old from North Carolina who started composing and performing at an early age. "The Quiet Life," released in February 2008, is the 3rd self-released album for Gilbert, who performs most of the time as a one-man-band. His songs are structured in such a way that is reminiscent of early 90's indie groups, with an interesting half-empty, half-full sound. More production on the tracks would serve to Gilbert's benefit, but listening to his semi-raw tracks allows one to imagine what fun Gilbert must be during a live performance - there's definite desire for music and rocker-popish love through his vocal delivery, lyrics, an occasional catchy hooks.

Gilbert's voice has yet to reach its full potential, and on some tracks, such as "Life With Wolves," he struggles to hit the notes on pitch. However, his voice sounds like a younger Gavin DeGraw, so hope is definitely there. Gilbert performs much better in a higher register than a low one, as evident in his enjoyable crooner "If You Leave Me." Slower songs also have their moments on this album, especially "I'll Plant A Seed," where Gilbert sings solely alongside his guitar and creates a powerfully calm ballad.

Gilbert incorporates a large variety of back-up instruments on this album, from Harmonica to Horns, all well musically chosen for their respective hooks and really help to enhance each track. The mandolin jumps in to add a mature Beirut-type sound to tracks such as "When The Storm Came" and "No Mystery," and the Organ perfectly complements the up-beat nature of "Before My Egg Hatches."

Bottom line: Gilbert needs to polish up a few things vocally and production-wise, but the talent is there. Although his slower songs are stronger tracks overall, "The Quiet Life" is a sturdy album with lots of fun rock moments and great hooks that give rise to the great potential that Gilbert could become something big in the future.

No Mystery [mp3]
If You Leave Me [mp3]

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Anonymous said...

awwww - D.Gil!! my band has been myspace friends with him for a year or so (maybe more?) now, he's a sweetheart. i'm gonna link him to this