Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bands That Sound the Same

La La Naive and The Bird & The Bee

Maybe it was the first time you heard a Kate Nash song and thought it was Lily Allen, or maybe it was the time you heard OneRepublic's "Won't Stop" and thought it was Coldplay feat. that guy from Maroon 5, or maybe it was all the way back when you couldn't distinguish the differences between 98 Degrees, N'SYNC, and the Backstreet Boys (but didn't really care), but I'd like to think we've all done it at some point. We've all had a moment where we seemingly discover what I like to call "band-twins" - two bands that sound similar enough to mix up. So today I bring to you, gentle readers, two bands that I think sound the same: La La Naive and The Bird & The Bee.

Now, I am going to assume that we are all familiar with The Bird & The Bee's catchy hit "Again and Again" (if not, here's the youtube). Nice, strong-yet-airy female lead, use of bells, a certain echo-y atmosphere similar to other electro-pop artists such as Frou Frou... well, The Bird and the Bee, allow me to introduce you to your Band Twin: La La Naive. With their glockenspiels and synths, Marie-Louise Grund Petersen and Troels Knud Damgaard put out their own foot-tapping single, "My Favourite Place." They are currently unsigned and only have one song on their myspace, but if the single is any indication of their musical ability and overall sound, it looks like La La Naive will be sharing the large fan base of The Bird and The Bee.

I'm going to post two songs from The Bird and the Bee's latest 2 EPs, Please Clap Your Hands and One Too Many Hearts. Their sound has matured, but still, take a listen and let me know what you think.

My Favourite Place [mp3] by La La Naive (iTunes unavailable)
Polite Dance Song [mp3] by The Bird & The Bee (iTunes)
Come As You Were [mp3] by The Bird & The Bee (iTunes)

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Anonymous said...

i like this idea. also try Math and Physics Club and Belle & Sebastian.

Lise said...

ooh...I know one and I don't think I know the other...will have to give Math and Physics Club a listen...