Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York TV Festival

I spent a large portion of my time this weekend at the New York TV Festival. There were some really great ideas, and some pilots that were really well done technically, but it seemed like most of them either had one or the other and very few actually had both. Overall though, I'm really glad I went. I did get to see one that my professor directed and two of my friends were in - "The Band." I felt cool sitting with the cast. And theirs was actually pretty good. Not a show I would watch on TV (because of the content... a little too ABC Family for my tastes) but it was well made and well acted. And one of my favorite pilots - "Here On Earth" - had two friends of mine in it too, which I didn't know until right beforehand. This one was very much like The Office, but on the set of a public access documentary show. It was pretty great. Very dry humor. I also really liked "The Agency," though I have to admit I didn't totally understand a few things about it and I'm not sure I would watch it due to its content either. The acting was good though and it looked great, and it's an interesting idea - an agency of guardian angels.

Anyway, today is going to be a crazy day for me as the boss comes back from being in France today and UPS screwed us over so we have no furniture in our office, so I'm going to keep this brief and just post a few songs I like at the moment.

Ingots [mp3] - Kaki King - "Legs to Make Us Longer" (iTunes)

G.P.T. [mp3] - Martha Wainwright - "Martha Wainwright" (iTunes)

The Get Go [mp3] - New Young Pony Club - "Fantastic Playroom" (iTunes)

Have a good hump day! Tata dahlings.

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