Sunday, September 16, 2007

Music Rut...

I am having a very pleasant lazy Sunday, but I appear to be in a music rut right now because I don't really have any songs that I'm dying to post right now. Therefore it's going to be super random today:

Metric Lips [mp3] - New Grass Revival - "Best of New Grass Revival" (iTunes). So it's bluegrass. Thought I'd throw something very different from what I usually post. I stumbled on this completely by accident too, but I actually kind of love it. It's weird because I never think of bluegrass as a genre that I like unless I'm listening to it at the time.

The Pelican [mp3] - Menomena - "Friend and Foe" (iTunes). I am a fan of the dissonance.

Spoon Me [mp3] - Ohm - "Star Fall" (iTunes unavailable). I seem to like songs with girls yelling "ha!" in the background (another example of a song I've posted is Laura Veirs' Black Gold Blues). This actually is a song I've been meaning to post for a while but I just kept forgetting.

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