Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sleepy Songs on a Sunday

Ok, Lisa, this one's for you - I'm not doing it as a Theme Thursday since I already did "dreams" as a theme, but my twin Lisa requested I post some good sleepy songs. But so, keep leaving me suggestions for Theme Thursday!Sleepyhead [mp3] - Anni Rossi - from a Perpich music concert in 2002/2003 (iTunes unavailable). I don't actually know if that was the title of the song, but that's what I named it. This one maybe isn't actually the best for nodding off to because the piano gets a little intense - I can see the dissonance and minors causing nightmares, or just waking you back up - but maybe listen to it earlier in the playlist and it will get you set up for listening to the more lullaby-like songs later. Oh and set your iTunes to cut off the song before the clapping starts since it's a live performance.

Rubber & Soul [mp3] - Ane Brun featuring Teitur - "Duets" (iTunes). This song is so simple, just her sweet voice and a guitar. It's both exquisite and melancholy.

Sleep [mp3] - The Dandy Warhols - "Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia" (iTunes). I posted this song a long time ago in my post about The Dandy Warhols, but it is seriously the best sleepy song ever. It's so pretty and calm and steady. I used to listen to it almost every night before I went to sleep. I still do sometimes. The Dandy Warhols are a really good sleepy song band. They have a lot of songs that are basically just them jamming that are really slow and constant (they have a lot of great upbeat songs too though, don't get me wrong). But this one is the best and the prettiest.

Cape Canaveral [mp3] - Astronaut Wife - "Flying Saucer" (iTunes). This song is not necessarily slow, but it relaxes me. It's a perfect song for driving on a sunny day with the windows down. Or for laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking. It's also a little melancholy I suppose. I love the instruments and sounds they use. And Lisa - I think I've played this song for you once a long time ago because I know I always thought it would be a neat song for you and I to sing together.

Sleep [mp3] - Imogen Heap - "i Megapone" (iTunes). Another song I used to listen to before I went to sleep a lot. So calm and slow.

Fault Line [mp3] - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Howl" (iTunes). Normally, I like BRMC because of their upbeat rock music and I tend not to like their slower songs, but this song is really pretty. Another simple song. Simplicity works really well sometimes.

Hope everyone has had/continues having a great weekend! I'm off to McCarren Park Pool to see The Thermals, Birds of Avalon, and Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, which will most likely not be a sleepy experience (at least I hope not). And maybe Junior Senior after that? I kind of doubt it though because I work tomorrow morning. And it will be my first week working full time since May. So I should be well rested. Either way though I have a long day of concerts ahead of me. Tata dahlings.

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