Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Currently on Repeat - 8.15.07

Don't have a lot of time today, and don't really have a specific artist or anything in mind, so I'm just gonna throw out some songs I'm listening to a lot right now, all of which are coincidentally very very different. Yay for variety.

Over [mp3] - Portishead - "Portishead" (iTunes). Here comes my favorite word: a "haunting," dark, tune with beautiful vocals. I don't really like the dj scratching half way through the song. I think that kind of distracts from the lovely simplicity of the song. Other than that, I really like the song.

Up on Your Leopard, Upon the End of your Feral Days [mp3] - Sunset Rubdown - "Random Spirit Lover" (iTunes unavailable). This song is like a march gone crazy. It also has a very theatrical quality. I could totally picture this in a rock opera or something. It's off of their album due October 9th, which has already been generating so much buzz in the music blog-o-sphere, but it looks like Sunset Rubdown has done a good job of scaling the internet and getting every song except for this one taken down. Understandable.

The Middle [mp3] - Great Northern - "Trading Twilight for Daylight" (iTunes). I feel like this song has a very nostalgic sound. And I also feel like it's made up of a lot of different sounds, which is what makes it feel nostalgic. I feel like it would make a really good song for a commercial. I dunno. As usual, it's hard for me to put my thoughts about some songs into words. It's a good song. Just listen to it.

Enjoy. Tata dahlings.

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