Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tunes on a Tuesday

This is yet another day where I feel kind of incoherent (lack of sleep) and don't want to bother thinking of a theme to tie my music together, so I'm just going to throw up a few songs that I like.

80 Days (mp3) by Tin Cup Prophette, from the album "Liar and the Thief" (iTunes). Tin Cup Prophette is yet another band from Athens, Georgia. This song was introduced to me by Paste Magazine. I love the slight dissonance in this song and the use of string instruments. And singer Amanda Kapousouz's voice has a quality that's interesting to me. It's not necessarily that she has great voice, but there's just something about it. I really like the other songs on their myspace too. The song Going Numb kind of reminds me a lot of Psapp.

Take Me to the Riot (mp3) by Stars from their new album "In Our Bedroom After the War (purchase). Their album was released on the internet months before it's original September 25th shelf release date. They knew it would get leaked before then anyway, so they just released it on the internet four days after it was complete. Probably pretty smart on their part. I really like the album. So far no song has really stuck out to me as a favorite the way Your Ex-Lover is Dead did on their album "Set Yourself on Fire." But as a whole, the album is very strong. I chose Take Me to the Riot to post because it is more upbeat and I'm in an upbeat kind of mood.

Speaking in Tongues (mp3) by Eagles of Death Metal from their album "Peace Love Death Metal" (iTunes). This is a great dance rock song. It is entertaining in every sense of the word. It just makes me want to shake and shimmy and jump around. Plus it's amusing/funny when he "demonstrates" speaking in tongues as part of the song.

Ok, that's all the songs for today. Man, I wish I had money and could afford to go to concerts more often. The White Stripes are playing tonight. But alas, I am not going. So many other good concerts coming up this summer. *sigh* Tata dahlings.

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