Sunday, July 29, 2007

In a funk

I have a confession to make. I... I love...

I love funk music.

There, I said it. Is that weird? Generally I tend to go for rock/alternative/pop, but then again my tastes have always been very eclectic, so I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. It's just strange to me because I never think of funk when I'm telling people what kind of music I like. And I probably should have realized it sooner because I love non-funk songs with funky beats. But I definitely tend to like funk songs that are a little more closely related to rock than, say, to R & B or something.

I first came to this realization last night when I was listening to Honeycut. Honeycut is part of the Quannum Projects (also including Apsci, Blackalicious, Latyrx and the Blacktop Projects, among others). My favorite song of theirs is The Day I Turned to Glass, which I first heard on The Current.

Another funk band I really like is Julius C. I first heard of Julius C about a year and a half ago when a kid in one of my production classes at Tisch did a mini-documentary on them (some of them went/go to NYU). It was just two of the members (one of whom I think is no longer with the band, but I'm not sure) jamming casually, but I really liked the song they did. I kind of wish I could have a recording of that song, but I have no idea what song it was. But I do love the songs of theirs that I have and that are on their website (go there, you can download some for free). I think I like No Way the best besides the two I've listed below.

The Day I Turned to Glass (mp3) - Honeycut ("The Day I Turned to Glass") - iTunes
Guilty as Charged (mp3) - Julius C - iTunes Unavailable
Velveteen Rabbit (mp3) - Julius C - iTunes Unavalable

And now I'm off to Connecticut (in the rain... ick) to go shoot a few videos for a video contest. I have to stop and buy new (cheap) headphones on the way. My headphones are shot, and I have no idea why. I guess I'm kind of hard on them. I bring my iPod everywhere. Again, my apologies if I'm flaky about updating over the next few days. I will be shooting/editing for this video contest probably the next 48-72 hours straight. Tata dahlings.

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